Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Earthy Turquoise Earrings, Little Classic for Everyday

I've been going somewhat crazy over Turquoise lately & these earrings are the latest creations. Like a lot of the pieces I love creating, they are outwardly simple, yet they have unmistakable original, organic & handcrafted details. I'm sure they would lend themselves to be one of the most often used pieces.

Each ear hook is individually handcrafted from sterling silver wire: melted, forged, bended, twisted, hammered, oxidized, filed, until it looks like a cross between a petal & marquise shape - one of my favourite shapes for the ear wires. They are not too long & not too short & look great with shorter & longer hair with the overall drop being just over 4cm.

Turquoise beads are a gem of a find - they're a luscious 12 to 13mm in diameter, which is perfect to create an impact with their gorgeous earthy organic matrix & cerulean-Robbin's egg-sky-with a tinge of lagoon blue colour. Yet, being natural Turquoise, which is chalky & as such fairly light stone, they are light enough to wear all day long. The added benefit of these stones, is that they are beautifully, carefully stabilized - you get the natural look, the original matrix, the gorgeous colour, but with strength that will make sure that you can wear them as often as you like, as long as you like.Handcrafted Natural Organic Round Turqu0ise Gemstone Earrings on Folksy
Handcrafted Natural Organic Round Turquoise Gemstone Earrings on Artfire
Handcrafted Natural Organic Round Turqu0ise Gemstone Earrings on Zibbet
Handcrafted Natural Organic Round Turqu0ise Gemstone Earrings on OVGillies
Handcrafted Natural Organic Round Turqu0ise Gemstone Earrings on Etsy

Friday, 21 May 2010

Dainty Flower Earrings by Designs by Cher on Etsy

These lovely floral earrings are simply perfect for the warmer months & are so delightful! I have found them in designsbycher's unique affordable handcrafted jewelry Etsy shop.

Layered Blooms... Peach Pinwheel Earrings, Lucite, Silver and Copper

Be sure to check Cher's shop for more beautiful handmade jewelry & accessories creations as well as jewelry making suppliles such as handmade metal findings.

Silver Pearls Creations by Abacusbeadcreations on Etsy

I came across this beautiful handmade artisan jewellery in Abacus Bead Creations on Etsy shop. The earrings and the bracelet below are made with what has to be an absolutely delightful baby blue & silver pearls. Wonderfully enticing, subtly alluring, they are elegant & are perfect for all occasions.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Natural Turquoise .... Petals Necklace

Recently found this gorgeous natural Turquoise gemstones in beautiful green & blue tones with characteristic veins & earthy inclusions that add lots of character & uniqueness to each piece. While being natural gemstone & not dyed, this Turquoise is skillfully stabilized for strength - the stabilization is of very high quality & does not deter from or enhance the natural beauty of this gemstone, while making it strong enough for continuous wear. Those of you familiar with natural, un-enhanced Turquoise will know how brittle & absorbing the gemstone is, so a skillful enhancement that doesn't change the look of this gorgeous gemstone is very welcome.

First in creations is this Petals Necklace. Simple & versatile. Something that can be worn every day & with just about anything. It is made with oxidized sterling silver but can also be made in bright sterling silver on request.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Deal of the day 30% off

30% off all large flower hoops in my Artfire shop. This deal will last until the end of this weekend (16th May)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I don't usually do sales, but since I'm turning 30 this year (& I had a brief sale last year around my B-Day), I though to make a special sale this year with DEAL OF THE DAY running from today through May (until I make up my mind on what to do for the actual week of my B-Day). Each day, one item from one of my shops will be at 30% off for that one day. Great chance for you to grab something you like :D

Today's DEAL OF THE DAY 30% off Turquoise necklace on Artfire

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Girls playing grown-up. Grown-ups playing girls.

Samples from The All Natural Face - affordable & a great way to find the colours you like

, so I do LOVE playing make-up, but until I found mineral make-up last year I have almost given up using it altogether as it kept on irritating my skin & my eyes.

The foundation that always feels too thick, or too drying or covers but in blotches & no matter how much you scrub your face it ends up all wrong. Or when you've been at the computer for a hole day starring at the screen & end up rubbing your eyes & the mascara & the eyeshadow get in and sting so bad you have to run into the bathroom to wash them off. All that is not fun!

But fun is exactly what I think make up should be. Maybe that's just a little girl in me that used to love playing with her mother's lipsticks & mascaras. Or the teenager that wants to look pretty & is ready to experiment with orange eyeshadow & blue mascara. Or the grown woman that has finally found what suits her, but from time to time would still love to try something different.

And while mineral make up might not glue itself to my face as the conventional one does, nor stay for 24h and then to be scratched off with more chemicals, these days I wouldn't use any other, even if it does mean re-applying it from time to time. All you need to do to take it off is simply washing it off with water & gently pat your face dry with a towel, or, if you're as lazy as me, simply fall asleep still wearing it for that slightly sultry&messy bed eyes look in the morning ;D

So this is why I'd like to let you know about the mineral make up & the great sellers I have come across that are making, wearing & selling it directly.

The All Natural Face is run by Crystal & on her website you'll find an amazing array of everything you need for your make-up & face: foundations, eyeshadows, primers, serums, and lots more. If you're not sure about the exact colour or shade, there are plenty of foundation samples & eyeshadow samples to choose from so no more buying a whole pot & not using it. I love her Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in All Natural Black.

PUREnatualMinerals is run by Rose who creates my favourite mineral powder foundation. You'll find great selection of mineral make-up items in her shop & also yummy lip care.

Both sellers make, use themselves & sell make up that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients & is suitable even for the sensitive skin, and if you have a kid or a teenager you will certainly appreciate this (queue orange eyeshadow & blue mascara!) :) . And both sellers have been extremely helpful in helping me find what I've been looking for in make-up - the right shade, colour, feel, something that I enjoy wearing & something that is fun, just as make-up should be. & Whatever your age may be, I'm sure you'll love playing with what you receive in packages from them - I certainly do! :D

Ocean Green eyeshadow & Vegan Mascara in All Natural Black

Friday, 12 March 2010

Fashion jewellery with a personal touch

Here's a website for you to consider - SatinDoll . It's full of bright, sparkling fashion & costume earrings, necklaces, bracelets & other pretty things designed & created by hand in the USA by Gaetana T. Parris. Here's a sneak peak:

Thursday, 11 March 2010

For personal keeping

Something I recently cooked up & because there are a few flaws (there always are first time round even if you have done parts of the process a thousand times before!) I'm thinking of keeping this one to myself :D

Ruby, Australian Opal & Moonstone

(might cook-up something similar for sale at some point as I still have some stone left :D )

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Glen Rosa 17th February 2010

Thought we've had the last of the snow this winter, but, no, some fell last night & this morning mountains looked gorgeous. So, of course I went for a walk :)
Would have loved to get all the way to the saddle, but as it happened my wellies weren't that comfortable for a 3h walk, still I'm happy I wore them as the snow on the ground was melting fast by midday.
Here's a view of Glen Rosa towards the Saddle.

Monday, 15 February 2010


Ok, sometimes I'm too lazy, or simply don't have enough time to search in order to find new items for my next treasury. But I love making treasuries. So, often I go to the shops of the Jet & McEtsy teams I'm in & pick something I like there or something that fits the theme. Recently, for the first time in about half a year, I began using Pounce feature on Etsy again in order to find items for my treasuries. It has a choice of Undiscovered/Just Sold. This treasury was made with some items using this feature & featuring sellers who haven't yet had any sales on Etsy and/or have recently joined. Plus, some new items from my 'old' favourites. & While I like finding new items & sellers and making a treasury with lots of 'fresh' talent, it got me thinking - what about those that only had a sale or two? Their shops would not show up in Pounce & it would be much harder to find them on Etsy if not searching the particular thing they're making/selling. More often than not, it's hard for people to start an online shop & get some exposure for it & get it 'off the ground' - I would not say that my own shop is 'off the ground' yet! & this is something that Etsy is failing at - giving equal & regular exposure and promotion to all its sellers. They seem to strive for a certain aesthetic, a brand, but for a site that is supposedly promotes handmade it fails to realise that handmade is not just one aesthetic, it's not just one fashion, one trend - it's a community (however un-uniformed) & in a community every member has to have a voice & some attention. Not least because each seller tries to promote their Etsy shop wherever they can & by extent Etsy itself, so it doesn't seem that much to ask that Etsy promotes its sellers in return. Does it?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Spring Colour Series - Aurora

My Swirl Me pendant was featured by Nicolle in her Silver Canyons blog. Check out her article & see her picks from the JET team HERE.