Friday, 29 May 2009

Featured - Grandma Marilyns

Beads woven in mysterious ways, colours blended and contrasted, tiny beads made into large designs - the kind of jewellery you will find at Grandma Marilyns is the kind that takes patience, lots of patience, and a precision of a skilled craftsman. Each design is carefully contracted and lovingly made.

Stained Glass Cuff $53

Copper Luster Earrings $20

Rootbeer and Amber Diamonds and Triangles Cuff $70

Metallic Iris/Green and Lt Blue AB WonderDome Ring $29

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Featured - Marcie Jane Designs

Abundance of natural elements, unique stones and original designs is what you will find in Marcie's shop. Earthy colours and organic shapes are predominant and are carefully crafted into designs that show off each element to perfection.

Carved Woodland Flower $42

The Forest Floor-artisan ceramic pendant and multi strand seed bead necklace $68

The Oyster and the Pearl Necklace $39

Black Beauty-black tourmaline gemstone and sterling silver earrings $31

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Featured - Combustion Glassworks

Tara's work speaks volumes - it's bold, full of colour, full of ideas and originality. In her shop you will find many items that will make you fall in love with them in an instant. From pendants and hairpins to wine stoppers, plates, and re-cycled bottles that are made into spoon rests - there is plenty to choose from and each item will make a wonderful addition to your accessories, your home or a truly unique present for someone special. As she puts it herself:

My work is certainly out of the box and I take full advantage of an artform that is so customizable! Dichroic glass & Copper used in the funnest ways, lots of smashing, and a ton of love!

Oceanside Picnic Platter $90

Decadence Rainbow Winestopper Gift Set $50

Beer Bottle Spoonrest $15

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Featured - BrookeJewelry

With good eye for detail and colour, Brooke creates amazing pieces that are exceptionally crafted by hand. They are simple enough to go with with anything, but not bland to blend in and disappear. They will complement both the outfit and the wearer and will stand up on their own as unique, beautifully done jewellery pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Featured - Cool Jewelry Design

"Welcome to my asymmetrical world of color and texture! Original and one of a you."
Pam's shop is a treasure chest of great finds with colours combined in amazing ways in designs that are original and unique. There are lots of great pieces to choose from, but what I think she has a knack for is making stunning bracelets, just my personal opinion of course, but if someone was to tell me that I can choose any bracelet I like, this is the shop I'd head to first!

Some Like it Hotter - Sterling , Citrine and dichroic pink explosion bracelet $45

Street Smart - Iolite, Carnelian, Coral, cobalt lampwork fusion bracelet $65

Triboro - fire roasted Coral, Sterling, and Citrine bracelet $65

Yours Beverly - sterling wirewrapped sunstone and aquamarine nugget necklace with lampwork pendant $135

Saturday, 16 May 2009


To simple things in life - ok, not so simple & maybe just a bit essential, and some even fundamental.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Featured - ErikaPrice

Daring and totally beautiful is how I would describe Erika's creations. They are simply stunning and are perfect for summer with all these amazing colours. They will separate you from the crowd and get you noticed in any place.
Each is created by Erika herself in the beautiful English countryside. And the additional reasons to shop here? She gives all profits to charity and offers free shipping!

EPD Sonata in Sunshine Orange Lampwork, Opus 136 Earrings $22

EPD Sonata in Red Sunflowers, Opus 68 Earrings $18

EPD Symphony in a Cottage Garden, Opus 27 Necklace $65

EPD Sonata in Spring Yellow Disks, Opus 134 Earrings $25

Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Bracelets

The time before the trip is running away and I still keep on thinking about designs and making jewellery - hopeless!

Here are a few things I've been up to:


With May almost half-way through I keep on thinking about June - in our family it was always a month of birthdays, including mine, so, maybe, that's why the things that I associate with June took over head and dictated this treasury. Cherries, strawberries, the abundance of blue skies and swifts flying by, oh, yeah, and more cherries!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Summer Skins

A song by Death Cab for Cutie got stuck in my head, & the thoughts of the coming summer keep looping in my head. The result? This treasury. The strong light of the sun, the colour of cherries and berries, the greens, the perfect weather for light dresses, the perfect mood for traveling, water warm enough to get into, oh, yeah, and the upcoming summer birthdays :D

Lady's Head

If you ever wondered just what sort of things you might find on the beach, this one is probably way down the list - a decapitated lady's head. Not a real head, that would be way too disturbing & I probably wouldn't be able to take a photo of it for you, never mind keeping the actual thing. I'm talking about a porcelain one. Chopped off by the pirates, nibbled by sharks, caressed by the sea until washing up with seaweed and pebbles on the shores of an island - this lady didn't seem to have much luck! But, with any luck, it will soon be converted into a pendant - a true and crazy one of a kind kinda thing that no one else is bound to have. Here are some pics of the head (you can see I've already began drilling at the top into one of the 'feathers'):

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Just thought to let you all know that you can enter a giveaway for a pair of my earrings at

Entry is open until 15th May so you still have plenty of time!

Good luck!

Waking up at sunrise

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday - sunny, not too windy and wonderfully warm - perfect for a forest walk, during which I took the opportunity to take some photos of Cowberries (Lingonberries) in flower :

And, considering the weather the previous day, there was a lot of promise for a stunning sunrise and not too much rain this morning, and that is exactly what happened.

Here's what I got up at 5am for:

It was mainly to take some photos of the stunning tulips (and yes, it was raining a bit this morning and the light is that of the sunrise), the boats and the rainbow were something of a bonus!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Metal Obsession