Monday, 15 February 2010


Ok, sometimes I'm too lazy, or simply don't have enough time to search in order to find new items for my next treasury. But I love making treasuries. So, often I go to the shops of the Jet & McEtsy teams I'm in & pick something I like there or something that fits the theme. Recently, for the first time in about half a year, I began using Pounce feature on Etsy again in order to find items for my treasuries. It has a choice of Undiscovered/Just Sold. This treasury was made with some items using this feature & featuring sellers who haven't yet had any sales on Etsy and/or have recently joined. Plus, some new items from my 'old' favourites. & While I like finding new items & sellers and making a treasury with lots of 'fresh' talent, it got me thinking - what about those that only had a sale or two? Their shops would not show up in Pounce & it would be much harder to find them on Etsy if not searching the particular thing they're making/selling. More often than not, it's hard for people to start an online shop & get some exposure for it & get it 'off the ground' - I would not say that my own shop is 'off the ground' yet! & this is something that Etsy is failing at - giving equal & regular exposure and promotion to all its sellers. They seem to strive for a certain aesthetic, a brand, but for a site that is supposedly promotes handmade it fails to realise that handmade is not just one aesthetic, it's not just one fashion, one trend - it's a community (however un-uniformed) & in a community every member has to have a voice & some attention. Not least because each seller tries to promote their Etsy shop wherever they can & by extent Etsy itself, so it doesn't seem that much to ask that Etsy promotes its sellers in return. Does it?


  1. Gillie, what you did with using pounce in creating your treasury was meaninful thoughtful and I really, really a great idea! You are amazing!

  2. they should but they seem to be wearing blinders!

  3. Awesome Blog!
    Fantastic Treasury!
    Thank you so much for including my earring in your Treasury!