Thursday, 29 April 2010

Girls playing grown-up. Grown-ups playing girls.

Samples from The All Natural Face - affordable & a great way to find the colours you like

, so I do LOVE playing make-up, but until I found mineral make-up last year I have almost given up using it altogether as it kept on irritating my skin & my eyes.

The foundation that always feels too thick, or too drying or covers but in blotches & no matter how much you scrub your face it ends up all wrong. Or when you've been at the computer for a hole day starring at the screen & end up rubbing your eyes & the mascara & the eyeshadow get in and sting so bad you have to run into the bathroom to wash them off. All that is not fun!

But fun is exactly what I think make up should be. Maybe that's just a little girl in me that used to love playing with her mother's lipsticks & mascaras. Or the teenager that wants to look pretty & is ready to experiment with orange eyeshadow & blue mascara. Or the grown woman that has finally found what suits her, but from time to time would still love to try something different.

And while mineral make up might not glue itself to my face as the conventional one does, nor stay for 24h and then to be scratched off with more chemicals, these days I wouldn't use any other, even if it does mean re-applying it from time to time. All you need to do to take it off is simply washing it off with water & gently pat your face dry with a towel, or, if you're as lazy as me, simply fall asleep still wearing it for that slightly sultry&messy bed eyes look in the morning ;D

So this is why I'd like to let you know about the mineral make up & the great sellers I have come across that are making, wearing & selling it directly.

The All Natural Face is run by Crystal & on her website you'll find an amazing array of everything you need for your make-up & face: foundations, eyeshadows, primers, serums, and lots more. If you're not sure about the exact colour or shade, there are plenty of foundation samples & eyeshadow samples to choose from so no more buying a whole pot & not using it. I love her Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in All Natural Black.

PUREnatualMinerals is run by Rose who creates my favourite mineral powder foundation. You'll find great selection of mineral make-up items in her shop & also yummy lip care.

Both sellers make, use themselves & sell make up that doesn't contain any harmful ingredients & is suitable even for the sensitive skin, and if you have a kid or a teenager you will certainly appreciate this (queue orange eyeshadow & blue mascara!) :) . And both sellers have been extremely helpful in helping me find what I've been looking for in make-up - the right shade, colour, feel, something that I enjoy wearing & something that is fun, just as make-up should be. & Whatever your age may be, I'm sure you'll love playing with what you receive in packages from them - I certainly do! :D

Ocean Green eyeshadow & Vegan Mascara in All Natural Black

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