Thursday, 20 May 2010

Natural Turquoise .... Petals Necklace

Recently found this gorgeous natural Turquoise gemstones in beautiful green & blue tones with characteristic veins & earthy inclusions that add lots of character & uniqueness to each piece. While being natural gemstone & not dyed, this Turquoise is skillfully stabilized for strength - the stabilization is of very high quality & does not deter from or enhance the natural beauty of this gemstone, while making it strong enough for continuous wear. Those of you familiar with natural, un-enhanced Turquoise will know how brittle & absorbing the gemstone is, so a skillful enhancement that doesn't change the look of this gorgeous gemstone is very welcome.

First in creations is this Petals Necklace. Simple & versatile. Something that can be worn every day & with just about anything. It is made with oxidized sterling silver but can also be made in bright sterling silver on request.

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