Thursday, 30 October 2008

Red Berry Collection

I gues I was thinking about Christmas when I came up with this idea, although I hope that the result is also wearable any other time of the year, month, day ... well, any time at all.

Finished making the first set of earrings (will be putting them on Etsy soon). And here are the pics:

Silver was oxidized with Black Salt (a food grade ingredient) which can be seen on the photo with the Silver Shade crystals.

Recent Order of Swarovski Crystals Arrived!!!!!!!!

I don't tend to go for bright colours, but I do love the blues and the recent order included Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal, Mint Alabaster & a wonderful Sea Blue pendants (not visible on the photo & I just might keep them for myself! ;)). And there's the understated elegance of Black Diamond, Silver Shade, Golden Shadow, Crystal, & Jet. Further afield there are Light Amethyst & Rose Water Opal - the closest I get to pink these days!

So, how about ideas? Well, these kept on coming as I was doing my order so by the time these arrived (the next day) I was already eager to get working on them. ~And here's the first idea:

Red Berry collection with Red Coral & oxidized silver

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Treasury list on Etsy

Have a look at my favourite items from other Etsy sellers.

Monday, 27 October 2008

A few more ...

Black Onyx, Vesuvianite & Iolite drops

Silver oxidized in an eco-and-vegan friendly way with Multi-colour Spinel & Rock Crystal

Black & white freshwater pearls with Swarovski crystals in Pacific Opal

More pearls & Swarovski crystals in Pacific Opal, also with Smoky Quartz

Another writing project!

Etsy shop banner and avatar are re-done. Photos of some of the existing stock re-done and my website is currently getting re-developed. Thought to start a blog just to keep everything checked. Oh, yes, & I have lots of ideas for several collections.

Tried to put off blogging for a while, but with so many things melting about, I couldn't really not do it. So, here we go.

All of these are currently for sale at & I'll be adding them to my website soon as well.