Thursday, 30 October 2008

Recent Order of Swarovski Crystals Arrived!!!!!!!!

I don't tend to go for bright colours, but I do love the blues and the recent order included Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal, Mint Alabaster & a wonderful Sea Blue pendants (not visible on the photo & I just might keep them for myself! ;)). And there's the understated elegance of Black Diamond, Silver Shade, Golden Shadow, Crystal, & Jet. Further afield there are Light Amethyst & Rose Water Opal - the closest I get to pink these days!

So, how about ideas? Well, these kept on coming as I was doing my order so by the time these arrived (the next day) I was already eager to get working on them. ~And here's the first idea:

Red Berry collection with Red Coral & oxidized silver

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