Saturday, 22 November 2008

Exploding Creativity

It's been taking me a long time to do the photos and list all the items I have in stock and all the items I keep on creating ... there are just soooo many! I keep on thinking that one week I'll be finished and then a few more designs are created and a few more and a few more ... it's totally exhausting and invigorating both at the same time. I forgot I made a few pearl necklaces a couple of months ago! So, today and tomorrow I'll be doing some photos of them and hopefully will put them out over this weekend/beginning of the week. At least with them out the earrings are going to have a bit less dominance! Oh, earrings, right, well, I really have to restrain myself from creating hundreds and thousands of them! I just love making them, just something about the perfect size for designing something special. Just thinking about them makes me want to go to my workshop and get going ... see you soon!

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