Thursday, 19 July 2012

Geology finds & O V Gillies designer jewellery shop

This summer there are several projects I'm working on , some of these projects are creative - such as jewellery design and creation, some are more the back end operation of my little studio - such as the development of my new website O V Gillies Jewelry Shop where you will be able to find the full range of all my handcrafted jewelry, it includes such features as browsing jewelry by gemstone or colour, you will be able to see my every jewelry collection as I have imagined it & buy direct through my own website - taking advantage of the unique & individual & personalised options that I have for almost every item I create.

It has been a while since I sold from my own website. The website shop part was taken offline as there always was something I wasn't happy with. Recently, everything has finally 'clicked' into place. There is a lot of work to 'tune' the website and all it's features & fill the sections and categories with my creations, & every little thing requires my personal attention. However, I do think that once my website is complete it will be exactly as I'd ever wish it to be - the best for all my customers.

One of the creative projects I have been engaged in is my search for for unique, unusual, natural crystal, minerals and materials which are also representative of the sea, islands and mountains that I love so much. You can see my recent finds & buys that will be incorporated into more primitive & tribal jewelry and geology & mineralogy jewelry in the photos below: