Saturday, 21 November 2009


If you're planning to make a Christmas purchase, please note that we'll be moving house before Christmas, & I also have 3 Christmas markets before then. If you'd like to receive your purchase before Christmas, please make sure you allow plenty of time for dispatch and delivery. It is best to make all purchases before the end of November. Dispatch after 10th December might be somewhat erratic. I will not be making anything new until we settle in our new home & it is more than likely that I will not be able to dispatch anything between 18 December & 5 January.

Thanks a lot for your understanding!


  1. Snap!
    We're moving too on 19th December. We're emigrating to Framce. It's stressful isn't it?
    Are you moving far?

  2. Nope, not far at all - will still be on the island :D
    Yep, any move is quite stressful, but I suspect to another country even more so - hope yours goes without any hitches.