Monday, 19 October 2009

Goatfell Walk

Starting point of Brodick and view of our destination.

Forest path

View across moorland towards the interior of the island

Keep to the path :D - lovely path to keep people from going across the moors (quite a few folk end up being rescued in these parts)

View back towards Brodick & Holy Isle visible as a little lump

Towards mainland

Gorgeous slopes & the incoming rain (already got a shower about half an hour previously!)

The last bit of stretching across stones was the most difficult one, and that's where a lot of folk took regular breaks. As you can see this walk is somewhat popular - even with a few people around, it felt like a traffic jam!

View to the left when accending - towards the 'bottom' end of the island and Ailsa Craig

View down towards Brodick (the bay with green fields around it), with Holy Isle visible (the lump) & Lamlash is across the stretch of water from the Holy Isle in the bay parallel to Brodick.

View back towards the path we just came by along the ridge

View down into the glen towards Corrie & the mainland

More gorgeous views (mainland looks so pretty from this high up)

AT THE TOP!!!!!!!!

That's what we did this for! View of Arran's Corbetts

The view from 2,866 ft down to Glen Rossa

Looks like the dog likes the view too!

And now all the way back down.... EASY!


  1. What a lovely walk with fantastic views and no sign of rain! I didn't realise Arran had such high hills.

  2. Wow, what breathtaking scenery! You are so lucky to have this on your doorstep!

  3. wow - how exciting! looks just spectacular and good to see Henry at the top!

  4. Wow so amazing and pretty!!!

  5. Phew, I am out of breath already.

  6. OMG, that is God's country. Beautiful.

    Debbie (

  7. Wow, looks lovely (and hard work) Well done - and lucky to have such a great day for it

  8. i love a good weekend hike too. all the pictures are amazing.

  9. Beautiful landscape! Makes me want to go trekking too. Well, maybe next summer as the winter is almost here... !