Monday, 24 August 2009

Influences - GOTHIC

I tried to define just how far back this influence stretches - Beetle Juice, The Seventh Seal, Great Expectations, Caspar David Friedrich, Jane Eyre, Shelley, Beethoven, Medieval architecture ... I don't think there ever was a stretch of time when some form of Gothic influence, or what could be described as a Gothic attribute, was not present in my life. Books, films, architecture, oral history & everyday explanations of everyday events that often were in the mind of the narrator perceived as having elements of extraordinary, mysterious, dark. The human mind seems always to be fascinated with something it cannot explain in rational terms, searching for mystery. What attracts me to Gothic in visual terms is the richness of form and colours, the deep hues, the form that is shown in shadows and light. It's the attention it demands - you have to see it up close, trace every detail, notice the little things. It's the emotions that can only be expressed by strong, deep colours - no surprise then that Gothic inspired pieces are made with oxidized black silver and with accents of deep red & blue colours. Gothic is one of the strongest influences in my work & it has a special place in my heart. Hope you like the result.


  1. Hi Gillies, those gothic pieces are awesome!! Is the blue colour from Liver of sulphur?

  2. Thanks Cheeky!
    & nope, it's my own secret wholly natural method! :D