Friday, 24 July 2009

Bridal range

There always have been bridal-inspired items in my range, and there always has been the intention to develop a fuller, more specific bridal collection. It's been taking me a long time, but I do hope that you like the new items.

Fist in line are hair accessories & I just listed the Classic Poppy design. They are eco-friendly, being made with re-used material from a previously made/owned/worn/cleaned garment. The fabric has a luxurious silky feel and brilliant white colour. Each petal is individually cut and singed. Flowers are adorned with natural freshwater pearls and Moonstone, or with Swarovski crystals that are available in different colours to suit the colours of your wedding/dress.

These flowers are designed to be versatile - they are not attached to pins, rather, I used fine silver headpins to hold the petals together and create a loop at the back so that they can easily be slided on and off your own pins.

Since I do not buy a length of new material that can be re-ordered, but rather choose great quality vintage garments to make these accessories from, the number of flowers that can be made is limited. Each flower is also completely unique as each is individually made by hand.

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