Thursday, 16 April 2009


I woke up rather early today to get a T-west as I missed a slot before. Somehow, the earliness of the morning, the gradual lightening of the sky (and the foreboding approach of rain) made me reach for cosy colours and selection, for things I like or would love to have, like wellies and a brollie if it's going to rain, lavender smelling cute hearts in the wardrobe when I open it to get dressed, a broach pin to clip to my favourite bag, a Seamese cat, would love to find a whole sea urchin, a comfy dress in a colour that would make be feel bright, a bike ride if the weather's good, a cute necklace that is not too girly, a gorgeous tumbler filled with hot coffee, stunning wood piece I can get inspired just looking at, luxurious and natural bar of soap to have a morning shower with, a lovely pillow to lean on on the sofa while sipping my coffee and looking out of the window into the front garden and planning where to put all the plants this year, a tape to measure it all, and soft yarn just because I want to feel cosy..........:D

1 comment:

  1. I feel all snuggly. Thanks for this beautiful treasury!