Sunday, 22 March 2009


Ok, folks, I have decided to host my first giveaway - I guess the SPRING FLING giveaways weekend with the Jet team on Etsy put me in the mood for one! So, whatch this space and I'll be putting all information here soon.

What I can tell you now is that it will be a fabulous jewellery prize and that the finish line is 5th April.

The prize will be something you can see in my shop now, so, if you're curious just go and have a look! And, if you want to enter, just go to my shop and have a look around, note something you like and check back here as you'll need that information to enter the giveaway.

See you all soon!


  1. Your works are beautiful. I'm thrilled to see more of your creations.

  2. Thanks a lot Morning Artist! Check in later as I'm still working out the details for the giveaway!


    Uh oh, it's not letting me leave my comment. I'll try again.

    It's actually impossible for me to choose one favorite from your shop, so I finally decided on the silver and copper earrings that seem to have fallen off the moon! They are unique and very cool!

    I love every single thing you are offering as a prize, so I hope I win. Really, I do!!! ;-)

    Sharon from

  4. I love so many pieces, it's difficult to choose just one, but your Glamour series is awesome... simple & elegant, so I'd choose a pair of those, since I'm an earring fanatic!
    A girl can never have too many earrings!

  5. Gillie, my fave is the lemonade or lemon drop earrings that are featured in the spring guide...fell in love with them during the spring fling! This is great, even inspiring!

  6. P.S. Note...I didn't even have to scour your shop--they were already on my mind!!